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Old South Venison Chili

    1 lb. Ground Venison
    1-15 oz. can Red Kidney Beans
    1-16 oz. can Crushed Tomatoes
    1-6 oz. can Tomato Paste
    2-tbsp. Old South Venison Chili Powder
    1/2-tsp. Ground Mustard
    1/4-tsp. Nutmeg
    1/4 tsp. Ginger
    Black Pepper (to taste)
    Red Pepper (to taste)
    1- Med. Onion

    Chop or dice onion. Put onion and ground venison in a large skillet and cook
    on medium heat until the meat is browned and the onion is clear. Make the
    sauce by mixing all the remaining ingredients in a separate bowl. When
    thoroughly mixed, put sauce and meat with onions in a large crock pot or
    other suitable cookware. Stir to mix the sauce and meat. Bring to a boil and
    then set to simmer and let cook for 2 hours or until ready to serve. Makes
    approximately 8-8 oz. servings. Serve with rice and corn bread.
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