Championship Chili Cookoffs are held at various locations during the year. The best of the best chili cooks enter to see which one will be judged to have the winning recipe. Chili is one of the most popular meals around and is made in many different ways, but which one is the best? There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to the ingredients and each cook will personalize the pot with their own secret mixture of herbs and spices. As the chili simmers flavors start to combine and fully blend with the potential of becoming the Championship Chili.

Championship Chili Recipes

  1.     "?" Chili Verde
        1984 Texas State Men's Chili Cookoff
        1st Annual World's Championship Chili
        Bess's Best Chili
        Black Coyote Green Chili
        Bo Prewitt Chili
        Capital Punishment Chili
        Carol West's Championship Chili
        Chili Verde by Jerry
        Cin-Chili Chili
        C.V. Woods World Championship Chili
        Doc J's Chili
        Fred Drexel's 1981 Winning Chili Recipe
        Gearjammers Chili Verde
        Glenn Dickey's Championship Chili
        Green Chili
        High Country Chili Verde
        High Octane Chili
        Historic Jailhouse Chili
        Horseshoe Chili
        Jerry's World Championship Chili Verde
        Kathouse Chili Verde
        Lady Bug Chili
        Los Venganza Del Almo Chili
        Out-O-Site Chili
        Out O Site Chili, Too
        Pedernales River Rat Chili
        Puppy's Breath Chili
        Randy's Fool's Gold Chili
        Roger Foltz's Championship Chili
        Sahara Chili
        Yahoo Chili

Chili Trivia:

  • Chili is the official state food of Texas
  • Cincinnati Chili was inspired by Greek and Macedonian immigrants around the turn of the 20th century
  • The intensity of heat in the taste of the Chile peppers usually decreases as the size of the pepper increases